How to Print Screen Into a Word Document

by Christell York ; Updated September 28, 2017

The print screen function allows the user to make a copy of the active screen on their computer. In the past, screen print would send a copy of the computer screen to the printer when clicked. In modern computers, the copy of screen print that is created can be copied and pasted into a Word document, email, or any other file through short steps all done through the computer. When copied into a Word document, the image can be saved as desired or used as needed.

Click on the Window you would like to copy to make it the active screen.

Click "Print Screen" on your keyboard to copy the entire screen. Click "Alt" and "Print Screen" at the same time to copy only the active screen.

Open a blank Word document.

Click "Control" and the letter "V" at the same time on the computer keyboard to paste the screen print into the Word document.

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Brought to you by Techwalla

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