How to Print Your Own Circle Labels

By Francine Richards

Updated September 28, 2017

Circle labels can be created and printed using Microsoft Word or Avery DesignPro.
i computer image by blaine stiger from

Printed labels in the shape of a circle can be easily printed using a software program such as Microsoft Word or Avery Design Pro. Most people think of labels in the shape of a square or rectangle but many blank labels in a variety of sizes are also available in a circular shape. Using either Word or Avery Design Pro, you can create and print your own circle labels.

Using Microsoft Word

Open Microsoft Word 2010 by selecting “File” and “New.”

Select “Blank Document” and then the “Mailings” tab. From the “Create” group, select “Labels.”

Select “Options” from the “Envelopes and Labels” selections box. Select the brand of your labels and the product number. For instance, to use the round Avery Labels #5294, select the “Avery Letter” from the “Label Vendor” drop down menu and “5294” from the Product Number drop down menu. Click “Ok” upon completion.

Click “New Document” from the “Envelopes and Labels” box and a new blank labels document will open. Begin typing as you would with any Word document.

Place blank labels into your printer. Print your circle labels by selecting “File” and then “Print”. Save your document for future printing.

Using Avery DesignPro

Download Avery’s Design Pro software for free from Avery’s website.

Open Design Pro and click “Design from Scratch.”

Select the label template from the drop down list. For instance, select 5294 and click “Ok.” There is a search feature to input the number if you can’t find it on the list. If you prefer to use a pre-installed template for your round label, select “Pre-Designed Template” and find your label number in the folders on the left and select your label number.

Add text, photos, clip art and graphics to your circle label by typing it into the document and using the toolbar icons to insert and edit your text and images.

Place blank labels into your printer and select “Print” from “File” menu or click the toolbar icon for printing. Save your labels as needed by selecting “Save” from the “File” menu or click the toolbar icon for saving.