How to Add a Picture to Another Picture in Adobe Photoshop

by Timber FergusonUpdated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Photoshop

  • Digital pictures

Blending photos in Adobe Photoshop will enable you to combine multiple pictures into one photo. With Photoshop you can open and manipulate several pictures at one time, blend the background and make it look like one photo. Any version of Photoshop will have the tools to do this kind of creative photo editing. You can play with the tools to change the look and texture of your pictures.

Open Photoshop and locate the first picture you want to edit. Right click on the picture layer in your layers pallet. Click once on “Duplicate Layer.” When the pop-up window opens, rename your duplicate layer “Photo 1.” Now click on your “background layer,” and drag it to the bottom of the layers pallet and drop in into the trash can. This will delete the original from your work desk but not from your computer.

With Photo 1 open on your work desk, locate and open the next photo you want to work with. Locate the minimize button at the top right of the photo next to the “X” button. The “Minimize” button looks like a small rectangle. Minimize your photo by clicking once on the minimize button; your two photos will now be side by side.

Click and hold your mouse on the second photo and drag it over to photo 1. You have copied photo 2 onto photo 1. Click back to the original of the photo 2, to activate it again. Once activated, click on the “X” at the top right of the picture to close it. You will not need this photo. You will be using the copy.

Click with the right mouse button on the second photo layer in your layers pallet. Click once on “Layer Properties.” Rename your layer “Photo 2” then click “OK.”

Find the eraser tool in your tool box. At the top of the work screen, locate the brush size menu and choose a big soft brush, size 200. This will be a good size to use as you work on blending your two pictures together.

Locate the “Opacity” button at the top of your work page. Lower the opacity to about 63% and start erasing part of the top picture to expose the lower picture. You can change the size of the brush and the opacity of your eraser to find a combination you like.

Erase a small amount at a time and work slowly. You want to change the opacity of the areas erased and to erase just enough of the top photo to make both photos blend to look like one photo. When you are finished, flatten your image and save your work.


Save your work often in case of computer error or break down. You can work with as many pictures as you like at once. Play with the opacity of your eraser to try different looks.

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