How to Put an Album Cover on a Folder

By Matthew Caines

Updated September 22, 2017

Organizing your music collection in real life is easy enough, but digitally arranging and ensuring that each music folder has an album cover can be a bit more difficult. Each album should have its own folder, and you need a copy of the album cover’s image.

Navigate to the music folder that you are putting an album cover on. Usually the folder will have the various album tracks inside as iTunes files extensions (MPEG Layer 3 Audio) or as Windows audio extensions (WMA).

Log on to the Internet and visit an album cover art website. Most of these download sites are free and store millions of pieces of art. CoverHunt and All CD Covers offer free CD covers, backs and inlays for download.

Find the album art by searching for the artist or album on one of these sites.

Right-click on the image and select the “Save Image As…” option. Save the image to the folder the tracks are stored in.

Right-click on the folder and select the “Properties” option. Click on the “Customize” tab and then “Choose Picture…” The File Explorer will open inside the folder you have currently selected. Select the album cover and click “Open” to give your folder this album cover.

Use instead the album art that comes with the music folder. Sometimes when you have downloaded albums from the Internet or through online stores, the folder that you receive already has the album art inside. Simply follow the above steps but instead of using a website to download new artwork, simply right-click on the folder, select "Properties," "Customize" and "Choose Picture." Choose the album artwork that is currently in the folder.