How to Play "Sim City" on a LAN

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

i computer image by martini from

In 1993, Maxis first released "Sim City 2000" for the Mac and Windows operating systems. In 2005, a network edition of the game was released for Windows. According to Maxis, the game was not only multi-layered in fun, but now owners could make it multiplayer. However, if you don't wish to play with strangers over the Internet, you can play with friends over your LAN network. The process to do so is simple.

Double-click the "Sim City" desktop icon on two computers.

Navigate to the "Multiplayer" portion of the menu on both computers. Press "Enter" to enter the multiplayer menu.

Navigate to "Host Game" on one computer. Press "Enter."

Choose to host a local, LAN game on the first computer. Press "Enter" to begin hosting the game.

Navigate to "Join Game" on the second computer. Choose to find local games in the filter.

Navigate to the room the first computer is hosting. Because this is only finding local games, there will only be one game in the lobby. Press "Enter" to join the game.


Up to four players can play in one game. The third and fourth computer connect to the game the same way as the second computer.