How to Save Your Mii to SD Card

By Jessica Best

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with Internet access

  • SD card

A Mii is a character created on the Nintendo Wii video game system.
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The Nintendo Wii video game system has a Mii channel that comes installed on the console. The Mii function allows users to create customized characters for the Wii system. With the Mii, users can visit other consoles that are connected to the Internet. The Mii characters also are used to distinguish which user is playing certain games. For instance, on Wii sports games, the Mii function is used to create settings for each player like height, weight and others. Users can save Mii characters to the Wii remote, and to an SD card with the proper software installed.

Open a web browser on the computer and go to (see Reference for the link).

Scroll down the page to the "HackMii Installer," click on "HackMii Installer" to open the HackMii page, then click "HackMii Installer." This will download the HomeBrew Channel and the HackMii application to the computer.

Save the files to an SD card. Place the SD card in the computer's SD card slot. Browse to the location of the "HackMii Installer" download and highlight it, go to the SD card drive on the computer, then drag and drop the file to the SD card.

Remove the SD card and place it into the SD port at the top of the Wii console.

Go to the Wii menu. This is found by selecting "Wii" at the bottom left of the home screen.

Go to "Device storage."

Click on "SD card," located at the top of the screen.

Select the "HomeBrew Channel." This will automatically load the HomeBrew Channel to the Wii.

Return to the SD menu, and click on the "HackMii" application. This will automatically save all Mii characters on the Wii console to the SD card. After the Mii characters have been saved to the SD card, remove the SD card and turn off the console. The Mii characters now can be used in other Wii consoles by inserting the SD card.