How do I Play Tetris on a Calculator?

By David Beins Gardener

Updated September 22, 2017

Tetris was created in 1984, but games using geometric figures composed of squares have been played for over 100 years.
i casse-tête tetris cube image by cpask from

Tetris, the popular video game that challenges players to fit puzzle pieces together into horizontal lines, is available on a range of video game platforms. One of those platforms is a common calculator. Many games are available on scientific calculators, but Tetris is available on most Canon calculators, even simple ones. The game requires just a few simple steps to activate.

Find a Canon brand calculator.

Enter the code 153349 using the calculator's keypad.

Press the plus and minus keys simultaneously. Hold down for a few seconds to ensure the Tetris functionality is properly activated. When activated, the calculator's LCD screen will display "TETRIS."

Turn the calculator sideways so that the addition, subtraction and multiplication buttons are nearest you. Act quickly because Tetris pieces will start falling immediately.

Place your fingers on the addition, subtraction and multiplication keys.

Use the addition key to move the Tetris pieces to the left and the subtraction key to move them to the right. The multiplication key can be used to flip the Tetris pieces around.

Try to get a straight line across the bottom in order to clear rows of pieces.