List of Xbox Emulators

By Ross Lane

Updated September 22, 2017

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Gamers interested in playing original Xbox games without being required to purchase the gaming console can utilize emulators to play the games on more modern devices. Emulator programs allow devices such as computers and other gaming consoles to run game software from previous generations of gaming hardware. As the original Xbox featured very complicated hardware, many emulators are still in development.


Still in development as of August 2010, Cxbx is an emulator program created by a computer programmer using the name "Caustik." Cxbx is designed to carry out high performance emulation by converting the Xbox game file to a Windows executable file. Cxbx uses C++ programming language, and was converted to Delphi programming language with the Dxbx emulator.


Currently version 1.0, Xeon is a Windows XP Xbox emulator. As of August 2010, Xeon is only compatible with one Xbox game, the NTSC version of "Halo: Combat Evolved." Still in development, more games are expected to be added to Xeon's emulation library in the future.

Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility

The Microsoft successor to the original Xbox video game console, the Xbox 360 features the ability to play specific games through the use of an emulator program installed on the console. Periodic system software updates, last released in November 2007, have added games to the list of titles playable on the Xbox 360, with over 400 titles available as of 2010. Xbox 360 owners interested in playing original Xbox games using the Xbox 360's emulator program must have internet access to download system updates.