How to Get a Hidden URL

By Brandy Alexander

Updated September 15, 2017

Disguising your URL helps keep your information private.
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As you generate a Web address, or URL, you have the option to change the actual page address to something else and still have the hyperlink (link) bring visitors to your intended page. Consider using this option if you have privacy concerns, find that your original address is too long for your visitors to remember, or simply want to avoid spam incidents. Use a free online resource to generate a hidden URL that you use in place of your initial Web address.

Use Cligs

Launch the Cligs website (see Resources).

Click the "Create New Clig" tab at the top of the page.

Type your website address in the "URL to shorten" text field.

Click the "Create New Clig" button.

Copy the new URL that appears on the page. If you prefer just the hidden address, copy the text in the "Just the clig" text field. Otherwise, obtain the code in the "HTML link" or "HTML link with Title" text field to paste this into an Internet page as an active hyperlink.


Bring up the site (see Resources).

Enter the desired address in the text field on the page.

Click the "Compress That Address!" button.

Copy the disguised URL address that automatically appears.

Use Adjix

Point your browser to the Adjix website (see Resources).

Type your URL address in the "Type in a long link (URL)" text field.

Click the "Shrink Link" button.

Copy the new URL in the "Short URL" or "Ultra-Short URL" field, depending on your preference.