How do I Compare Cell Phone Plans in the USA?

By Jayzee A

Updated September 15, 2017

Choosing a cell phone plan can be easier if you use a side-by-side comparison tool.
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Choosing a cell phone service can be difficult because there are so many different service plans available to choose from. If you know what you want and an estimate of your usage, this task can become an easier one. Using an online side-by-side comparison tool can make this task even easier. This means that you do not have to drive out and physically see three or four different service providers. Using a comparison tool also allows you to search for and compare a plan over the Internet.

Visit My Rate Plan (see References). My Rate Plan is an online tool that allows you to compare cell phone plans side by side.

Scroll down and choose either "Single Line," "Family Plans," or "Prepaid Plans." These links can be found under "Start With a Rate Plan."

Enter your zip code and click "Go."

Customize and choose your rate plan.

If you chose a single line or family plan, you will need to choose a preferred phone type, your monthly usage estimates, and your desired features. First, choose your preferred phone type: basic, messaging/multimedia, or smartphones. Enter your estimated monthly usages for minutes and text messaging. Last, choose your desired features: data, unlimited text, unlimited voice, calling circles, push to talk, GPS, free minutes after 7 pm, and rollover minutes. Keep in mind that not all cell phone plans have these features.

If you chose a prepaid plan, you will need to choose your plan bundle and your plan features. For your plan bundle, you can choose to either pay by the month, the day, or as you go. You can also choose free text messaging and/or unlimited voice minutes. After choosing your plan bundle, choose your plan features. This includes free nights and minutes, free minutes after 7 pm, free long distance, free mobile to mobile, rolling minutes, free push to talk, and 3G data. Keep in mind that not all cell phone plans have these features.

Scroll down to see your cell phone plans and prices side by side.