How Do I Connect the Wii Bracelet?

By Bryan Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo Wii, unlike other seventh-generation gaming consoles, makes use of a controller that is designed to be physically swung by the user. Without the aid of a wrist strap, which fits around your wrist like a bracelet, these controllers can fly out of your hand and cause damage to other people or property. If you wish to attach the wrist strap to your Wii Remote, the process is a simple one.

Run the small string loop on the wrist strap through the hole at the bottom of the Wii Remote (this hole is located directly under the Remote's accessory port). The loop should enter the hole and come out on the other side.

Run the wrist strap through the small string loop and pull on the strap. This will tie the strap to the Wii Remote.

Test the strap by placing your wrist inside the strap and using the plastic latch to tighten the strap. Let the Wii Remote dangle from your wrist to make sure the strap is secure.