Zombie Games for PSP

By Arnold Carreiro

Updated September 22, 2017

These games aren’t for the squeamish…
i zombie 16 image by chrisharvey from Fotolia.com

Gamers itching for a taste of portable zombie-based action on the go have a few games to choose from on the PSP system. Battle alongside or against the shambling flesh-eating corpses in these dark titles wherever you travel. All of these ghoulish games are exclusive to the PSP.

Zombie Tycoon

Frima Studios brings the world one step closer to the zombie apocalypse with Zombie Tycoon. Playing as a mad scientist, this comical game has you creating a team of goofy ghoulies to send through ten cities in the Story Mode. Arm your zombies with over 100 weapons, armor and other items to help them complete your missions. You can use up to three squads of zombies to terrorize, convert or destroy those disgusting living humans. Zombie Tycoon is a downloadable game for the PSP that is rated “T” for teens.


A very scary Christmas awaits you in Infected.
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Set in the snowy Christmas season of New York City, Infected gives the player the role of a police officer desperately trying to survive in a zombie outbreak. Fortunately, you are immune to the zombie virus, but are still susceptible to having your face ripped off by the ravenous undead. Pick your version of “Officer Stevens” as your avatar and go to town saving the survivors using a variety of powerful and humorously overpowered weapons. You are going to need all the help you can get when facing down the Zombie Santas and Giant Infected. Infected is rated “M” for mature players.

Dead Head Fred

The strange and distinct story of Dead Head Fred is situated in the 1940s where private detective Fred has a horrible encounter with a bunch of gangsters and winds up as a brain in a jar. Players are taken on a witty adventure with Fred through locales such as Creepy Hollow and Zombie Town on his quest to solve his “murder.” Zombies are quite a common foe for Fred as he moves about this sinister town. Fred advances through the grim levels by finding and creatively using other swappable heads including the “Bone Head” and the “Corpse Head.” Gamers will be pulled in by Dead Head Fred’s immersive world, gruesome characters and exceptional writing. The game is rated “M” for mature players.

Undead Knights

All the better to decapitate the undead with…
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Undead Knights is a gore-splattered, violent quest starring three reanimated royal family members on a brutal quest for revenge. Convert enemy soldiers into shambling zombies and order them to attack their former comrades, break down walls, and assemble en masse as a rotten ladder for your hero to climb. Your characters will strengthen with each enemy you rip apart, earning you more abilities, weapons and power increases. Your flesh-eating zombie hoard will soon show the other kingdoms the mistake of turning on your royal family!