How do I do Crossword Puzzles on a Kindle?

By Kim Blakesley

Updated September 22, 2017

Use a computer with Internet access to check crossword puzzles for accuracy.
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Amazon's Kindles are small, portable electronic reading devices that allow individuals to download and read digitized books, magazines and newspapers. The Kindle editions with Internet access expand their functionality by offering crossword puzzles, Sudoku games and mental math challenges. A wide selection of games are available to download and an Internet connection is required to play.

Navigate to the Puzux store on to see a list of available crossword puzzles.

Locate the desired crossword puzzles and purchase them through Amazon. Most puzzles will be available for a wireless transfer directly to your Kindle. If the game requires that your Kindle be connected to your computer, use a USB cable to plug the Kindle into your Mac or PC.

Load the game once the download is complete. Press the 5-way controller and keyboard on the Kindle to fill in the words or clue numbers on the puzzle. Type a clue number into the "Jump to Clue" link at the top of the crossword puzzle if you want to skip to a certain clue without first answering those that precede it. Click the 5-way control button. The cursor will jump to the desired box.

Verify answers by clicking on the "Check Answers" link located either above or below the crossword puzzle. An "A" indicates that your answer is correct, while an "X" indicates that your answer is incorrect. Change any incorrect answers by navigating back to the desired box on the main puzzle page.

Save your progress at any time by clicking the "Save" link located either above or below the puzzle. Access saved games in the "Load" section of your home screen.

Click on the "Solve" link located either above and below the puzzle when you are finished.