How to Sign Up for Xbox Live

By Contributor

Updated September 22, 2017

Sign Up for Xbox Live

Online video gaming allows you to play your favorite games with friends and rivals from around the world. The Xbox 360 offers online play through its Xbox Live service. The Xbox Live service also allows you to download games and watch movies and TV shows. There are two versions of Xbox Live: a free version and a "Gold" version that offers extra features for a fee. Your Xbox 360 must be connected to a high-speed Internet connection to sign up for Xbox Live.

Turn on your Xbox 360 and make sure there are no games in the tray.

Select "My Xbox" on the Xbox Dashboard. Then, select your avatar.

Choose the "Join Xbox Live" option.

Input your email address and other relevant information when prompted. You will also have to accept Microsoft's terms of use. If you purchase a "Gold" membership, you will have to enter your credit card information as well; this is not necessary if you sign up for a free membership.