How to Adjust the Microphone Sensitivity on a Blackberry

by Maya WalkerUpdated September 28, 2017
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Adjusting the microphone sensitivity on a BlackBerry can make a big difference to a call's audio. The wrong settings can lead to calls that are too loud or too soft. You can also experience feedback or static if the microphone sensitivity settings are incorrect. The microphone sensitivity can be adjusted while you are on a call without causing a disruption to your conversation.

Making Adjustments During a Call

Make a call by dialing the number and pressing the “Phone” key.

Press the “Menu” key, then select “Enhance Call Audio.”

Select a setting for your call audio. Use the trackball to scroll to your selection, then click the radio button next to it. Press the "End" key to go back to the home screen.

Changing the Default Settings for All Calls

Press the "Phone" key, then press the "Menu" key and select "Options." Select "Enhanced Audio," then change the "Phone Call Audio" field. Save your changes by pressing "Menu," then "Save."

Click the "End" key to go back to the home screen. Press the "Menu" key, then "Options."

Select "In-Call Settings," then change the "Default Call Volume" field to an acceptable volume. The louder the number, the higher the volume.

Press the "Menu" key, then select "Save."


Check the microphone on your phone for any obstructions if you are experiencing further audio issues. You can use a paper clip to carefully clear the obstruction.

If you continue to experience audio issues, you should contact your wireless provider. The microphone on the BlackBerry may need to be replaced. The repair may be covered by your device's warranty.

You can also use a noise-cancelling headset to help with the microphone sensitivity. The use of the headset will reduce the amount of background noise that is picked up while you are talking on your BlackBerry.


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