How to Upload Photos on EA Sports World

By Jason Jensen

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Digital camera

  • USB cable

  • Xbox 360 or PS3

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The Photo Game Face feature on Persona Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 allows you to capture and upload a photo of yourself to use as your player's avatar when you have an EA Sports World account. To capture a picture of yourself from your console, you will need a digital camera and USB cable. You can also upload a picture from your account to use as your Photo Game Face picture.

Log in to your EA Sports World account.

Click on "My Tiger 08" from the main menu.

Click on "Photo Game Face" and then "Create Photo Game Face."

Choose the gender you want your custom player to be.

Click on "Get Photo." If you are using Microsoft Xbox 360, select "Xbox Live Vision." If you are using Sony PS3, select "USB Camera." If you want to upload a photo from your account, select "Download from the Web."

Follow the on-screen instructions to finish capturing and uploading your photo.