Apple Shooter Cheats

By Andrea Reuter

Updated September 22, 2017

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In the online flash game "Apple Shooter," you use a bow and arrow to shoot an apple off of your friend's head in the style of William Tell. The game has 16 levels, with the distance between you and your target increasing in each level. If you miss, you'll be allowed to fire another arrow, but if you accidentally shoot your friend, the game is over. Proper aiming techniques can help your friend survive in "Apple Shooter."


"Apple Shooter" is controlled entirely by your mouse. Position your cursor on the screen to determine your aim, then click and hold the left mouse button to draw back the bow. The longer you hold the button, the greater the force of the arrow. Release the mouse button to let the arrow fly.

Drawing the Bow

On every level of "Apple Shooter," you'll have the truest aim if you pull the bowstring back as far as it can possibly go. After the arrow leaves your bow, it travels in a downward arc, and that arc is more pronounced with weaker shots. Firing an arrow at full force makes it fly straighter and reduces the chance that it will curve down into your hapless pal.


In "Apple Shooter," it's always better to aim high and miss your target entirely than to aim low and risk injuring your friend. For the first five levels, you can use the brick wall behind your buddy as a visual guide. For level 1, place your mouse cursor on the fourth brick from the top in the left column. Draw the bow back as far as it'll go, and let the arrow fly. For levels 2 and 3, aim for the third brick from the top in the same column. You can successfully complete level 4 by aiming at the second brick and level 5 by aiming for the top brick. You can continue to use this method with the horizontal lines at the edges of the screen above the wall as your guideposts, but since you'll be shooting from greater distances, you'll have to incrementally aim higher from level to level.

The compass appearing above your archer can also help you determine your aim. On level 1, your compass arrow should be pointing approximately at the 3 o'clock position. With each new level, the compass indicator will need to move slightly counterclockwise, approaching the 12 o'clock position. When using the compass, you'll need to remember exactly where you placed your last successful shot and adjust your position accordingly before firing the next arrow.