How do I Share the Internet to an iPhone Through a USB Cable?

By Mario Calhoun

Updated September 28, 2017

Connect your computer to your iPhone for Internet tethering using the iPhone's USB cable.
i USB cable image by Doctor Kan from

Internet sharing between your iPhone and your computer is available for users with Internet tethering set up on the device and a data plan that includes the additional bandwidth used during the tethering process. Although sharing can be achieved by Bluetooth, the iPhone's USB cable acts as a direct connection between the devices. Your iPhone will alert you if tethering is not included in your data plan and will redirect you to your cellular account for the setup process.

Touch the Settings button on the iPhone's home screen, the General tab and the Network tab in the General window. Touch the switch on the Internet Tethering tab to enable the feature.

Insert the USB end of the iPhone cable into the computer's USB slot located on the back or side of your computer. Insert the remaining end into the dock port on the iPhone.

Open your Network Preferences located in System Preferences on your Macintosh computer, or click the Start menu button on your PC and click "Network" in the pop-up menu.

Select "iPhone" from the list of available network connections, and follow the network setup wizard to complete the iPhone tethering setup process.

Open your Internet browser to begin sharing the Internet between your iPhone and your computer. A blue band will be displayed at the top of the iPhone's screen to signify it is connected to your computer.