How do I Get the TV Edited Version of Movies?

By Wanda Thibodeaux

Updated September 22, 2017

TV-edited films may be available from the production company.
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Movies may have content that doesn't correspond with a person's beliefs and standards. For example, they may have strong or offensive language that might not be appropriate for children. Subsequently, directors release edited-for-TV versions of the films so the movies can be shown on television and meet the standards of the Federal Communications Commission. They are also formatted to fit the TV screen better. Not all ways of getting edited films are legal, so you always should try to get the film from the production company.

Traditional In-Store Purchase

Check your local stores that sell films. Some of them may have copies of the TV edited versions, if the production company has released the edited version for sale. Don't rely on websites, as websites aren't always authorized to sell edited copies.

Verify that the edited version of the film in the store has been released by the production company who released the original version of the film. The production company should be listed on the movie packaging.

Purchase the edited films from the store representative.

Production Company Request/Inquiry

Look up the movie you want on the Internet Movies Database or similar website to find out what company produced the film. This website also has a list of studios that produce movies. Find the company that produced the film in this list.

Click on the link for the production company. The link will take you to the company website. The website should have contact details like a mailing address or contact link.

Use the contact information on the company website to get in touch with the company. Ask them whether there is a TV edited version of the film you want. Inquire about who to contact about placing an order if the version is available.


Purchase a ClearPlay DVD player and subscription. This DVD player uses software technology to filter out offensive content. The movies you get through this method won't be the exact TV edited version the production company released to networks, but the technology will serve the same purpose in terms of getting rid of offensive content.

Choose movies you want to watch in edited form from your local video store or online through companies like Netflix.

Visit and use your membership and your USB drive (included with DVD player purchase) to download filters for the movies you've selected. Plug the USB drive into the DVD player and watch your shows.


Do not purchase copies of movies from companies that buy films and then edit them themselves. These companies operate in violation of current copyright law. ClearPlay doesn't violate copyright law because the technology doesn't alter the original version of the film and create a new one, according to Clean Edited Movies.