Types of Wii Consoles

By Amy Hancock

Updated September 22, 2017

Many people think there are different types of Wii’s with different sizes of hard drives, different internet compatibilities, and varying levels of system performance. There is actually only one type of Wii console. It does, however, come in two color choices and has many options for accessorizing.

Wii Bundles

When it was first released, the Wii console was available only in white, and came bundled with a Wii remote, Nun chuck, sensor bar with pads, stand, Wii Sports, and the required cables for quick set-up. A later bundle was released that also included a Wii remote jacket, which is a rubber sleeve for the Wii remote that gives the user a better grip. When Nintendo released Wii Sports Resort in 2009, they included it with the bundle, along with Wii MotionPlus, a feature which allows for more realistic motion during game play, and a special Wii Remote jacket that fits the Wii MotionPlus. Recently, Nintendo released the Wii in black. This package, retailing for $199, includes a Wii remote, a Wii MotionPlus, a Nun chuck, a Wii remote jacket, the Wii Sensor Bar, necessary cables, stands for the Wii and Sensor Bar, Wii Sports, and Wii Sports Resort.

Customizing Your Wii Experience

There is only one type of Wii console, but the ways to customize your gaming experience are endless. In addition to games for every interest from counting to war, there are an array of accessories, such as extra Wii remotes, a wireless sensor bar, rechargeable battery packs for Wii remotes, HD cables for larger TV’s or a home theatre, Wii remotes that glow different colors, special skins and covers for the Wii remotes that have sports teams logos, microphones, dance mats, the Wii Balance Board, drums, guitars, and more. You can even watch movies instantly on your Wii through your Netflix account. You can store and share photos, create your own “Mii” avatar, search the internet, and interact with other players around the world.


Nintendo has yet to come out with variations of the basic Wii console. However, different games and accessories allow you to customize your Wii to suit your gaming preferences.