How to Get Free Points on XBox 360

By Morris Wall

Updated September 22, 2017

Get Microsoft points for free.
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Xbox 360 users have the ability to purchase and download additional content to their console from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Microsoft points are used as the currency to purchase this additional content. Microsoft points can be purchased in retail stores or on Xbox Live using a credit or debit card. You can take advantage of game vendor promotional offers and survey website offers to obtain Microsoft points for free. Some players also resort to “boosting” or voluntarily losing games with competitors to receive free points as a form of payment.

Log on to the Xbox Live Marketplace from your 360 game console. Press the “directional pad" buttons on your game controller to browse the “arcade” tab for special offers for games and content available for purchase with Microsoft points. Many special offers include discounts for older titles or a bonus of free Microsoft points with the purchase of a specific title. An example is a recent offer to obtain 400 or 1,200 free points with the purchase of “Limbo”, “Lara Croft”, "Hydro Thunder”, or “Castlevania” by August 31, 2010. Check the Xbox Marketplace frequently for current promotions featuring free points.

Create a secondary e-mail account to register with a third party survey site such as Follow the registration steps required to complete surveys to earn free points. You will earn survey points for each survey you complete. Follow the instructions on the site to convert survey points to free Microsoft points once you have earned at least 200.

Create an alternate gamer tag to use on Xbox Live if you choose to boost other players. Boosters advertise their services by playing games using gamer tags such as “MrRentAKill” and “xXBoostALotXx.” Many players will actually initiate contact with the “booster” and offer free points for intentionally losing games so that they can improve their gamer score and leader board records. Although boosting is very common on Xbox Live, it is important to note that this is considered cheating and not acceptable by Microsoft if substantiated.


You can also register your gamer tag on to review Xbox Live Marketplace promotions and purchase games with free points on the web. You can easily search for offers using your browser, and any games or points that you obtain will be automatically downloaded to your console the next time you log on to Xbox Live.


Microsoft points, including free points earned online are only valid for use with Microsoft products and services and cannot be redeemed for cash.