How to Add Refills to Reason

By Pat Smith

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Reason

  • Resources

Reason lets you use your keyboard to compose audio files.
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Reason is a digital audio workstation that allows you to compose and mix your own digital music. Unlike some audio workstations, it doesn't work well with prerecorded audio, instead it focuses on MIDI and the instruments that come in Refills. Refills are compressed sound files of a set of instruments that include at least a four-octave scale of the instrument. They sometimes include different effects, such as legato or staccato. Refills are a great way to expand your music composition repertoire. Once you're comfortable with them, you can even try making your own (see Resources).

Install the Refills. If you ordered them on a CD, insert the CD and follow the onscreen instructions for your operating system. The program will prompt you to choose a folder for the Refills. Make sure you choose a folder you can find easily, or write down the name of the folder. If you ordered them online and had them sent as a digital file, double-click to open it and follow the instructions for installation. Leave the folder you installed them into open.

Locate the file on your computer with the Reason program. This is probably in Applications/Programs. Check for the Refills subfolder. If it's not there, it's in your Library folder. If you're having trouble finding it, search for it on your computer. Once you've found the Refills folder, double-click to open it.

Select, click and hold, and drag the new Refills into the original Refills folder. There will already be two or three Refills that came with the original program. If your computer makes a copy of the files instead of moving them, you can delete them from the old folder to save space.

Open Reason. Your Refills are now automatically available when you add a new instrument or workstation. Depending on the type of Refill, it will automatically change the type of workstation you're using, so don't be surprised if the interface changes when you choose a new instrument.