How to Use Cubase With PreSonus

By Rooney Buckland

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PreSonus setup application

  • PreSonus interface

  • Firewire

  • Cubase

Cubase is a powerful software program that allows you to record audio and midi tracks. PreSonus is a company that makes audio interfaces that act as preamps (amplifiers for low level signals) and sound drivers for software programs like Cubase. A PreSonus audio interface can be a little confusing when you install it for the first time. However, you can get it working quickly, and once you do, you will be able to record both audio and midi tracks to Cubase.

Using Cubase with PreSonus

Install PreSonus by running the PreSonus setup application. A setup disc comes with the PreSonus unit, or you can download it from the PreSonus site. Follow the directions to complete the setup process. Connect the PreSonus unit to your computer with firewire.

Open Cubase. Go to “Devices” and click “Device Setup.” In the “Device Setup” window, click “VST Audio System” and choose your PreSonus interface. You will be asked to “Switch” or “Keep” the audio driver. Click “Switch” and then click “OK.” The “Device Setup” window will close.

Go to “Devices” and click “VST Connections.” The “VST Connections” window will appear. (A VST is either instrument or effect software that is an add-on to an audio editing program.) Delete all busses for the “Inputs” tab. Add a mono bus for every channel in your session by clicking “Add Bus” and entering the number of channels. Most PreSonus devices have 16 virtual channels. The “Device Port” column should have input tracks 1 to 16.

Close that window and click “File/New Project.” Add tracks to your project by clicking “Project/Add Track/Audio Track.” Click “Mono.” Repeat this for every track you want to add.

Select track “Audio 01.” On the right side the “Audio 01” options will appear. Select the “Mono In” number you want.

Click “Record Enable” and “Monitor” buttons for each track you want to record on and hear. The “Record Enable” button is the circle with a black dot in the center. It will turn red when enabled. The “Monitor” button is the circle with the black speaker in the center. It will turn yellow when enabled.