How to Create a 3D RPG Game for Free

By Darhel Baker

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Sandbox 3D Game Maker

  • RPG Builder 3D

RPG's bring the player into vasts worlds and elaborate storylines.
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3D game making has become widely accessible thanks to the internet in recent years, and companies all over the world are working on or have already created development tools for independent artists, some of which are free and readily equipped for publishing. They save your game as a self-contained file and sell it to the public. Others may be free to use but require you to pay for publishing rights.

RPG's -role-playing games- are among the most popular of gaming formats, using giant maps, multiple characters, huge castles, villages and dungeons and multiple player attributes to provide an overall fantasy experience. Making RPG games can be quick an easy or extremely challenging depending upon what tools are used and the level of the user's expertise in programming.

Install Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker's RPG function to immediately get started on creating your own game. The program utilizes a list of pre-packaged characters, objects and tile sets that can be placed on a game map in any fashion. Sandbox also comes with its own pre-designed RPG game engine.

Use 3D RAD to create a more advanced game. Like Sandbox, 3D RAD contains a series of pre-installed graphics, objects and variable objects, but also allows you to import your own 3D models, and does support code. Unlike Sandbox, 3D RAD is not built with game format templates, and you will have to design the RPG engine on your own. The program uses "event objects" which are designed to tell the various parts of your game what to do and when, and can be used create your engine.

Download and install Unity for expert-level RPG creation. Attaining and using the program is free but you will have to pay for licences to publish your games for platforms such as the Nintendo Wii, Apple iPhone and Android.

Unity comes with a limited number of stock models and graphics, but creating every aspect of a role-playing game with this program will be solely up to the user and his or her knowledge of 3D modeling, programming and overall game design.


Don't be immediately frustrated making your game. Even programs that require little or no knowledge of programming will take some time to learn. Start by creating some small projects that focus specifically on one or two aspects of your game engine before creating a full game.

3D Modeling and programming require years of learning and practice; if you are serious about making your own video games an education in the field is highly recommended.