How to Fix Computer Screen Size

By Brandon Wood

Updated September 28, 2017

i Monitor image by Caila from

Computer screens are built to operate at several different screen resolutions. If your computer is set to a screen resolution that is too small, images on your screen will look blurry, pixellated, and may not fit on the screen. If your computer screen resolution is too large, the icons on your desktop and text may be really small and hard to read. A few methods exist for fixing your computer screen size.

Adjust the gap on your monitor. If your computer has black space on the top, bottom, or sides you can usually stretch the screen with your monitor controls. These controls are physically on your monitor and usually in front or on the right side of your monitor. Adjust the monitor settings until your screen covers the entire monitor.

Open the "Start" menu and select "Control Panel." In Windows XP open "Display" and click on the "Settings" tab. In Windows Vista or 7, select "Appearance and Personlization." says you may also right-click on the desktop background, and select "Personalize" or "Properties" from the pull-down menu.

Click on the "Settings" tab from the pull-down menu, or on "Adjust Screen Resolution" from the control panel.

Determine the highest resolution supported by your monitor. Using the slider underneath "Resolution" slide the bar left, starting at the lowest resolution (or the smallest number). Move the resolution to the right and compare to see which is the right size for your monitor. For example, the first resolution will probably be 800 X 600; on most computers this makes icons look double the regular size. Continue to slide the meter to the right until icons appear to be the right size.

Change the screen resolution to the highest resolution possible and select "Apply" to save changes.