How to Make a Flip Chart in MS Word

By Editorial Team

Updated September 28, 2017

Making different charts can be done in Microsoft Word
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Microsoft Word is a useful word processor used by millions of people around the world. It is part of Microsoft’s Office Suite and the latest version available is Word 2010. Word has various functions and is considered to be a professional word processor that is used by professionals of all industries. It has advanced editing functions and you can insert various items into any document. One of these items includes flip charts; they can easily be added to Word and you can modify them however needed.

Make sure you have have installed Microsoft Office on your computer. This usually includes features such as Word and PowerPoint. The latest version is Microsoft Office 2010; however, you can use any version to create and export flip charts. Traditional flip charts are helpful in presentations and you now can easily create your own flip chart on your computer.

Importing charts from Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the quickest ways to add a flip chart to Microsoft Word. You can begin by opening PowerPoint and start with a new presentation. You can work from a template or you can design your presentation from scratch. You can add photos and text and also customize the animation and display options. When your presentation is complete, you are ready to export.

Choose the File option, then select Send and then Microsoft Word. This will bring up another popup with further options that you can customize. This will export your presentation to Word; it can function as your electronic flip chart. You can still edit this file in Word; you can add extra content or modify the existing content to suit your needs. You can also add additional Word features to your presentation.

Insert a PowerPoint file into Word as an object is another way of doing it. Simply click on the location in the document that you want to add the object into. Click on Insert from the top toolbar and choose Object. This will allow you to choose the specific PowerPoint file that you want to insert. Your file is now embedded within your Word document and you can adjust the size to fit your page.

Save your original PowerPoint presentation in case you need to create another Word document from it in the future. You can also keep a few templates nearby to give you some variation for your next flip chart.