How to Make Your Own Greeting Card Template

By Bibiana da Silva

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Word processor

  • Card stock

Make your own greeting card template on your computer.
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Greeting cards are a very popular gift, with Americans buying more than 7 billion greeting cards every year. You can find cards for almost any occasion: birthdays, graduations, marriages, anniversaries, promotions, sickness and more. If you want to give a card for a less conventional reason, though, it may be difficult to find one. You're also limited to the card designs available in stores--unless you make your own using a template.

Open a word processing program on your computer. Start a new document.

Press “Enter” to make line breaks until you reach the bottom of the page. Type a personalized label marking the card as your own, such as “Greeting Cards by John Doe” or “Made just for you by John Doe.” This will appear on the back of the card.

Insert a sheet of card stock into your printer. Card stock is sturdier than regular printer paper, but use card stock that's nearly as lightweight as regular printer paper so that it moves easily through the printer.

Click “File” on the main menu of the word processor and select “Print.” Click “Properties” to access the advanced options on the “Print” menu. Select “Landscape” under “Orientation” and “2 in 1” under “Page Layout.” Click “OK” to finalize the settings, then click “OK” again to print your template on card stock.

Fold the page in half so that your personalized label is on the back of the card. Save the word document as your greeting card template. You can write and draw on the card by hand, or you can paste pictures and type onto the template on your computer. If you design the card on your computer, be sure to save the card as a new file so that you don't overwrite the template.