How to Restore iPhone Backup With iTunes

by Mario CalhounUpdated September 28, 2017
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Items you will need

  • ITunes 8.0 or later

  • iPhone USB cable

Whenever your iPhone is connected to iTunes on your computer, a backup of the phone's content is automatically collected and stored in a backup folder that can be retrieved at a later date. If you need to restore the iPhone due to application conflicts, the iTunes program manages the backup files and allows you to choose from the backup dates available in the folder, according to David Pogue, author of "iPhone: The Missing Manual."

Open the iTunes application on your computer. Insert the iPhone's USB cable into the dock connector on the bottom of the iPhone, and firmly insert the opposite end of the cable into the computer's USB port.

Right-click the iPhone's tab underneath the Devices section in the iTunes' source pane. For Macintosh computers, press the "Control" button on your keyboard and click the iPhone's tab.

Click "Restore from Backup" on the shortcut menu, and click the Restore button on the iTunes' prompt window. According to the official Apple site, the restoring process removes all media and data from the iPhone, and replaces it with the information from the backup.

Click the "OK" button on the iTunes' prompt window after the iPhone restore is complete, and wait for iTunes to display the iPhone Setup Wizard.

Select "Restore from the backup of iPhone" in the iTunes window, and select the drop-down menu to select the backup date.

Click the "Continue" button. The iTunes program will restore information from the backup to your iPhone, and will re-sync media from your iTunes library to the device.

Click the Eject button to unplug the iPhone from your computer.


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