How to Change My Voice Mail Greeting

By Kyle Fiechter

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Cell phone

  • Wireless provider

Customizing your voice mail greeting is important.
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The voice mail greeting is an important aspect of your cell phone. If your phone plan includes voice mail service, change your voice mail greeting for the convenience of your family, friends and business associates. This is especially important if the person calling your phone is calling for the first time and is unsure if he is dialing the correct number. When deciding what to say in your recorded voice mail greeting, consider who will be listening and choose your words wisely with this target audience in mind. For example, if you are expecting the occasional business call on this phone, keep your message professional and concise.

Access your voice mailbox according to your provider's instructions. If your wireless provider is Verizon, press "86" then the "Send" button on your phone. Alternatively, most services allow you to access your voice mailbox by dialing your mobile number and pressing "#" or "" (AT&T) on your phone when you hear your voice mail greeting.

Enter your password when prompted by the automated message. The default or temporary password is usually the last four digits of your mobile number or your entire number (excluding the area code).

Listen for the option to personalize your greeting, and select that option by pressing the appropriate number on your phone. If your carrier is Verizon, press "4" for personal options.

Select the appropriate options to change your voice mail greeting. For example, press "3" for greetings and recorded name, then select "1" to change your greeting.

Follow the instructions for recording your greeting. For example, begin talking after being prompted to record your greeting, then press "#" when you are finished recording. You may be presented with the option to listen, change or save your greeting. Select the desired option.


In most cases, you can select "End" on your phone at any time to hang up and abort the greeting recording process.