How to Use the Wacom Bamboo Tablet

By Tony Patterson

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Wacom Bamboo Tablet

  • Wacom Bamboo software

A digitizing tablet makes drawing on your computer as easy as drawing in a notebook.
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The Wacom Bamboo Tablet is a PC input device that allows you to use both your fingers and a pen to manipulate your computer's onscreen cursor. The relatively low price point of the Bamboo makes it an entry level tablet accessible to many people.

Get started with your Bamboo.

Follow the startup guide that comes with your Bamboo tablet. This will include plugging the tablet into your computer and installing the software. The order of steps will vary depending on the tablet and type of computer you are using.

Review the multi-touch gestures. The Wacom Bamboo tablet allows you to control your computer much like you would with an iPhone or other multi-touch enabled smart phone. By default the Bamboo includes 9 multi-touch gestures including zoom, rotate and navigate.

Review the pen settings. Depending on the version of the Bamboo you choose to purchase you will have access to different pen options. The main difference between the different versions is the amount of pressure sensitivity the pen provides. A digital artist will find more sensitivity useful, while someone looking to sign documents will not need the extra levels of sensitivity.

Configure your third party software to work with the tablet. Microsoft Windows 7, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office 2007 and many other applications have extensive support for tablet based input. Review the documentation that accompanied your software to see what is possible with a tablet.