How to Play a DVD on a Dell PC

By James Clark

Updated September 28, 2017

A Dell PC with a DVD drive can be used to enjoy multimedia content on a disc.
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Dell desktop and laptop computers installed with a DVD drive can be used to enjoy movies and other content on a media disc. Dell systems are typically pre-installed with a Microsoft operating system, which includes Windows Media Player, the default software for DVD playback. Media Player is designed to launch on its own when a DVD is loaded into the Dell PC. If it doesn't start, there's a simple procedure for locating the program and launching it manually to begin watching movies.

Press the button on the media drive door next to the DVD logo to eject the drive.

Place a DVD in the tray with the shiny side facing downward. On a Dell laptop, the hole in the DVD clicks onto the spindle in the center of the drive tray when you press gently on the surface of the DVD.

Push the tray straight into the computer until it closes, then wait a moment for Windows Media Player to launch.

Click the Microsoft flag or "Start" button in the lower left corner of the desktop if Media Player does not start, then click "All Programs," and double-click Windows Media Player from the list.

Use the up or down arrow keys or the mouse to highlight and click "Play" from the DVD's menu when it appears on the screen.