How to Save Word Documents As JPEG Files

By J.T. Locke

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • Word document

  • Computer

  • Scanner

  • Photo editing program

  • Image converter program (optional)

Word documents can be saved as a JPEG using a photo editing program.
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Microsoft Office Word documents cannot be saved as a JPEG using the Word application itself. However, there are ways to achieve this. Saving a Word document as a JPEG is an easy multi-step process that involves using either your scanner or a photo editing program. There are also programs that can be downloaded to get the job done, such as Universal Document Converter and Virtual Image Printer Driver.

Saving a Word Document using a Photo Editing Program

Open the document and make sure you maximize the document screen, as this is important in the following step. Scroll to the portion of the document that you would like to save as a JPEG image. Use the zoom controls to make the image portion larger or smaller.

Press the "Prnt Scrn" button located on the right hand side of your keyboard beside the F12 key on your keyboard. The Print Screen feature will copy everything that you have open and visible on your screen which is why you want to maximize the document screen as suggested in the previous step.

Open the photo editing program on your computer. Paint is a photo editing program that comes standard on most PCs. It can be located under All Program/Accessories on the Start button for Windows.

Select Paste from the Edit options on the photo editing program.This will bring up the image that was copied from Print Screen. Crop or cut out portions of the document such as the Word ribbon that appears at the top and the startup programs and clock that appear at the bottom. This will enable you to make a clean document that looks just like the original Word document.

Save the image as a JPEG by choosing Save As from the File options. Name the image and make sure to change the filename extension to .jpg, .jif, .jpe or .jpeg.

Saving a Word Document as a JPEG by Scanning

Word documents can be printed, scanned and saved as a JPEG image.
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Print the document that you would like to save as a JPEG. Remember you are going to be taking a picture of the document so you may not need to print the entire document. You may only need a portion.

Place the printed document on your scanner. Follow your scanners instructions for scanning the document. Some scanners have a "JPEG" feature that can be selected on the machine panel. Choose this option before scanning if your machine has that option.

Open the scanned document on your computer via the scanner editing program. Crop the document as needed. The document can be cropped to include as much or as little of the page as needed.

Save the document picture by choosing the Save As feature on the scanner editing program. Name the image and change the filename extension to .jpg or one of the extensions mentioned in the earlier section.


Purchasing programs to convert Word documents to JPEG images can be quite costly.


Caution should be taken when downloading free programs from unknown or unfamiliar publishers, as they may contain malware or viruses.