How to Hook Your PS2 Memory Card to a PC

By Corey Morris

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with USB connection and disk drive

  • PlayStation 2 console

  • X-Port adapter

  • USB hub adapter

  • USB memory card adapter

  • USB PC-to-PS2 cord

Connecting a PS2 memory card to a computer is a fairly simple process.
i memory module 02 image by PM Photo from

Transferring data between a PlayStation 2 memory card and your computer's hard drive is useful for a few different reasons. For one, you can download saved files from the Internet and place them on the memory card. You can also share already saved files with other users. It also serves as a backup function if a memory card is ever lost or broken. Using a console and USB cords make connecting a memory card to a computer a breeze.

Connecting With a USB Connection

Plug the USB multi-hub adapter into the USB port located on the computer. You will need more than one USB port, so the hub adapter is a must-have. For some models, the port may be on the back of the CPU, while others may have a front loading port.

Insert the PlayStation 2 memory card into the USB adapter for the memory card. Connect the memory card USB adapter to a port on the USB multi-hub adapter. The computer should recognize the new type of memory added.

Open the “My Computer” folder if using a PC. Click on the memory icon located in the folder to open the device. If using a Mac, the computer will automatically detect the device and add it to the desktop. Click and drag information to and from the device folder. None of the data from the PS2 can actually be opened on a computer, however files can be moved around.

Connecting Via an X-Port Adapter

Insert the X-Port (also called Sharkport) CD-ROM software into the disk drive on the computer. Make sure the software is the computer version and compatible with your computer model. Install the software by following the on-screen instructions. Connect the PC to the PlayStation 2 via a USB connection. Insert the USB cord into the port located on the front bottom left corner of the PS2 console. The X-Port software should detect the PS2 and establish a connection.

Place the X-Port CD-ROM software included for the PS2 into the console’s disk drive. Power the PS2 on and allow the console to load the X-Port disk. The program should start automatically and allow the saved PS2 files to be transferred to the PC.

Open the X-Port program on the PC and complete any transfers of data. The program allows you to copy files to the PC and even add downloaded data to the memory card for use on the PS2 console. Remove the X-Port disks from the PC and the PS2 when finished.