How to Send a Free Fax With Yahoo

By Jessica Leigh

Updated September 28, 2017

i Siri Stafford/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A Yahoo email account can be used to do more than just check email and chat with friends. It can also send and receive information by fax when used in conjunction with online faxing services. Anyone can set up a Yahoo account with a fax number to communicate quickly and easily right from a computer.

Sign in to your Yahoo account. Open a new, blank email.

Type the fax number you wish to send a fax to in the address box. Include the address for the fax service directly after the number. The address line should look something like

Type the body of the cover letter you wish to send directly into the blank email. Include the documents you wish to fax as attachments to the email.

Hit the "send" button. Most fax to email services will send a confirmation email shortly after the fax has been sent.


You may need to add your Yahoo email account to your fax to email service account. This is typically done by sending an email from the Yahoo account to that fax to email service. This may not be necessary depending on the fax to email service you are using.