How to Find Forgotten Passwords

By CherylG

Updated September 28, 2017

There are several ways to find a lost password.
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Most people have lost passwords to websites at one time or another. Websites that require a registration typically require users to set up a username and password. If the password is lost, the user will not be allowed access to the website. This is when it becomes necessary to recover a lost password. Fortunately, there are several ways to find a lost password. Most can be recovered easily, but sometimes lost passwords can be difficult to uncover.

Find lost passwords that were saved in a Flock or Firefox browser. Click on "Flock" or "Firefox," then click "Preferences." Once on the Preferences page, click the security tab. In the "Passwords" section, click "Saved Passwords." When this is done, all passwords that have been saved under the browser will appear. Scroll down, find the site in question, and the password will be there.

Locate a forgotten password on a site by clicking "Forgot My Password." Most sites will ask for some information to determine the validity of the request. Then they will send you an email with the lost password.

Recover a lost password by talking to a customer-service representative if you can not recover the password online. Some passwords must be reset at the company headquarters. Find the customer-service phone number on the company's website.

Record passwords in an easy-to-find location to avoid losing them in the future. This can be as simple as a small notebook kept in a desk drawer. Written backup ensures that you will not lose your passwords.

Save all passwords when registering on new websites. Many computer browsers will provide you with a prompt that asks if you want to save the password. Save the password so that it can be retrieved if it is lost later.


Use passwords that are easy to remember, but for security purposes be sure to combine letters and numbers in passwords.