How to max out your charm, academics and courage in Persona 3 Portable

By Dan Chruscinski

Updated September 22, 2017

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You might be tasked with saving the world from a demon invasion in “Persona 3 Portable” for the PSP, but that does not mean you can ignore your academic and social obligations. To increase the power of the demons that fight for your side you must strengthen social links, and some links can only become more powerful if you gain points among three character stats: Academic, Charm and Courage. Increase these stats outside of battle by visiting specific locations in the city to max them out and make your character more powerful.

Set aside Friday through Monday each game week. On these days, do not go to Tartarus or attend social outings. Focus solely on raising your attributes.

Press “Square” to access the quick map on Friday after school. Select “Iwatodai Strip Mall” from the map menu.

Choose “Wild-duck Burger” from the top of the stairs in the mall. Press “X” to select the location. Confirm that you wish to eat. Your Courage Stat will boost by three.

Return to the dorms. Select your room from the quick map. Highlight your desk and press “X.” Confirm you wish to study. You will gain two Academic Stat points.

Access the quick map after school on Saturday and go to the “Iwatodai Strip Mall.” Choose “Hagakure Ramen” from the options. Confirm to increase your Charm Stat by three points.

Return to the dorms. Go to your room and study for another two Academic Stat points.

Select your desk on Sunday morning. Choose “Study” and confirm. You will gain four Academic Stat points for studying on your day off.

Select “Iwatodai Strip Mall” and go to “Hagakure Ramen” if you are in even numbered month or “Wild-duck Burger” in an odd numbered month. Gain three Charm or Courage Stat points respectively.

Return to your room in the dorms and study for two Academic Stat points.

Access the quick map Monday after school and go to “Port Island Station.” Select “Screen Shot.” You will receive a four point boost to Charm during odd months and Courage during even months.

Head back to the dorm and study for two more Academic Stat points.

Explore Tartarus and work on Social Links from Tuesday to Thursday.

Repeat until Charm and Courage have been maxed out. This will take about 12 weeks.

Switch all Charm and Courage raising activities to visiting “Wakatsu Restaurant” in the Iwatodai Strip Mall. This will give you an additional three Academic points per visit, or 12 per week.

Repeat for seven more weeks and your Academic Stat will be maxed out.


Charm and Courage only need 80 points each to max out while Academics requires 260 points.

Skip studying if your character is tired or he will not gain any Academic boost.