How to Get out of Sleep Mode on a Nintendo Game Boy Advance

By Aaron Kopf

Updated September 22, 2017

Released in 2001, Nintendo's Game Boy Advance included a built-in "sleep mode" feature. When an operator activates sleep mode through in-game menus, the handheld console deactivates the screen and speakers and switches the internal CPU to a low-power processing mode. Players can deactivate sleep mode at any time to resume play without the need to load game data. Unfortunately, many players are at a loss about how to deactivate this power-saving feature.

Hold down the "L" and "R' shoulder buttons of the Game Boy Advance simultaneously.

Hold down the "Select" button.

Release all three buttons. Sleep mode will be deactivated.


Be sure to deactivate sleep mode and save your data if you think your batteries are getting low. If the batteries die during sleep mode, you will lose any unsaved game data.