How to Remove Email Virus

By Missy J. Talbot

Updated September 28, 2017

Get rid of an email virus with haste.
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An email virus can erase files, cause computer crashes and destroy information. It is important to remove email viruses as quickly as you know you have them because the longer they are allowed to reign on your computer, the more damage they can cause. Anti-virus companies such as McAfee report that in North America alone, 1 million machines can be infected in 30 days. Some of these email viruses are designed to re-install themselves if you delete them manually. Specially developed antivirus software and other adware and malware programs help rid your computer of all email viruses.

Close your email program as soon as you suspect a virus. If you have begun to download something, close the download box.

Restart your computer.

Open your virus protection program or anti-virus as soon as your computer restarts. Do not open any other program. Close any programs that automatically start up.

Run a full scan of your computer and eliminate any threats.

Run a scan of your computer using your Ad-ware software and your Malware software. Eliminate any threats the scans find. If you catch an email virus soon enough, it shouldn’t cause that much damage.


If you do not have anti-virus software, ad-ware software or malware software, download some as soon as you suspect a threat. You should have all three types of software and set them to run periodically to check your computer.