How to Connect an Acer Laptop to a TV

By James Clark

Updated September 28, 2017

VGA cable plug for connecting to the Acer video output.
i vga image by MATTHIEU FABISIAK from

Acer laptops feature a VGA (video graphics array) output port for hooking up an external computer monitor. This same port can also be used to connect a television, even if the TV does not have a VGA jack, by connecting an adapter to change the VGA connection into an S-video connection commonly found on TV sets. No software is needed. A hotkey combination changes the output on the Acer screen to output on the connected TV screen.

Insert the four-sided plug on one end of the adapter cable into the Acer's VGA port on the left edge of the laptop.

Plug in one end of the S-video cable to the matching jack on the other end of the adapter and connect the opposite S-video plug on the cable to the video input jack on the back of the TV.

Turn on the laptop and the TV.

Press the "Fn" key together with the "F5" key on the Acer keyboard to shut off the laptop monitor and turn on the VGA output to send video to the TV. Press both keys once more to view the TV and laptop at the same time. Pressing the keys a third time shuts off the VGA output and restores video to the Acer laptop screen only.