How to Program a EchoStar Remote Control

By Sylvia Cochran

Updated September 28, 2017

Your EchoStar remote can control various devices.
i Anderson

Setting up an EchoStar system is not complete until you are able to sit back, enjoy a crystal-clear picture and control your television, VCR and any other auxiliary device hooked up to your system. Learning how to program an EchoStar remote control is a snap.

Ensure that the remote control has new batteries. It needs four AAA batteries.

Locate the mode buttons on the controller. You will see SAT, AUX, TV and VCR. SAT stands for the satellite receiver. Your remote is automatically set up to work with your EchoStar receiver, and you do not need to program it for this function. AUX may refer to a cable television device or an audio device that hooks it into your stereo system. TV refers to your television set. VCR may be chosen to control a standard VCR or a DVD player.

Press the mode button that corresponds with the device you want to control with the EchoStar remote control. For example, if you want to program the remote to control the TV, press down the TV mode button.

Turn on the device. This is the item you want to control with the EchoStar remote. You may need to do so manually or with its own remote control. In this example, you would turn on your television set with its own control.

Press down the EchoStar mode button for the device again, but this time hold it down for three seconds. All the other mode buttons will flash on. Aim the remote at the device you want to control.

Depress the EchoStar remote power button briefly, then slowly click either the up or the down arrow button. You are performing a code scan that allows the remote control to run through all the preprogrammed codes stored in its memory. Do not hurry this process. It may take a few minutes.

Stop when the appliance you want to control with the EchoStar remote control suddenly turns off. You have hit upon the correct code, and if you save it now, your remote will be able to use it in the future to control the functions of the item.

Store the code in the EchoStar remote control's memory by pressing the pound button. The corresponding mode button will flash, acknowledging the programming choice. You are now ready to control the device with the EchoStar remote control.