My HP Wireless Printer Won't Print

by Chyrene PendletonUpdated September 28, 2017

Since HP designed the Thinkjet printer in 1984 to replace the noisy, serial dot matrix printer, many generations of personal printers have been introduced at affordable prices. However, eve the most advanced HP printers may occasionally refuse to print. Some basic troubleshooting can get your HP printer back up and running quickly and without having to pay a repairman.

Uninstall Your Printer

Uninstall your wireless HP printer by clicking on the Windows "Start" button on the taskbar, then clicking on, "All Programs."

Click "HP," then click the folder for your HP wireless printer.

Click on "Uninstall," then remove your HP wireless printer as you follow the instructions on the screen.

Remove Print Drivers

Remove the print drivers by clicking on the Windows "Start" button, located on the taskbar. Type "print" in the text box that says, "Search Programs and Files."

Click "Print Management" in the window that appears. This opens the Print Management window.

Double-click "Print Servers" on the left, then right-click the computer icon and click "Properties." This opens the Print Server Properties window.

Click the "Drivers" tab, click on your HP wireless printer name, then click "Remove."

Click on "Remove driver and driver package," and click "OK."

Click "Apply" after the driver removal has completed. Restart your computer.

Reinstall Your Wireless Printer

Open a new window, then go to the Support & Drivers page on the HP website. You will be presented with the latest software, which may not be on your installation CD, plus you will avoid installation problems.

Select "Download drivers and software," then enter the model of your HP wireless printer in the text window. Click on the result from the list matching your printer.

Select the Windows 7 operating systems and click "Next."

Click on the plus sign you will see on the left of "Driver." One or more options may appear, which you can choose from. HP recommends you select the Full Feature driver download.

Click "Download," then click "Save" or "Save File" if a dialog box appears. The driver download will now begin.

Double-click on the icon you see above the file name once the driver downloads onto your computer. Your computer will extract the driver files and you will see a disk image file with an icon.

Double-click on the disk image file then double-click on the "HP Installer" icon that appears. Select your HP wireless printer when the "HP Installer" opens, then click "OK." You can now follow the instructions to finish the driver installation.


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