How to Activate DirecTV Without a Credit Card

By Jackie Johnson

Updated September 22, 2017

DirecTV is a large provider of satellite TV services.
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DirecTV is a satellite TV provider that provides over 285 channels to subscribers across the United States. If you do not have a credit card, DirecTV accepts a number of other ways to pay for the monthly charges for satellite TV. It will use your credit reports and scores to determine whether you need to prepay for the receiver (a satellite dish) that you must have to receive the signals.

Contact DirecTV by phone at 888-777-2454 or by going to its website (see References). If you call, a customer-service expert will walk you through ordering the service. DirecTV routinely runs specials that provide discounts and incentives for new subscribers.

Give DirecTV your social security number, birth date and complete name. It will run a credit report to determine if you qualify for free equipment, or whether you will need to make an upfront deposit for the satellite receiver. (People with good credit ratings will not have to pay upfront for their equipment, while people with poor credit need to pay a deposit to receive the equipment.) If you make an upfront deposit for the equipment, DirecTV will refund a portion of that deposit monthly, until the deposit has been fully refunded.

Make arrangements for the monthly payments. DirecTV takes debit cards for the initial payment for service and will accept checking accounts thereafter. Or, you can continue to use a debit card for payments.

Or, set up automatic payments with either a debit card or checking account.

Or, pay your bills by calling DirectTV or paying online once you have set up your account.