Recruiting Tips for College Hoops 2K8

By Miles Ivey

Updated September 22, 2017

Sound recruiting is critical for your school's success in College Hoops 2K8.
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Released in November of 2007, College Hoops 2K8 is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) college basketball video game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 and 3. In order to successfully navigate 2K8's Legacy mode, you must become adept at recruiting. You can invest a certain number of points on various recruiting tools such as requesting game tape, visiting player homes and highlighting your coaching attributes to prospective recruits.

Recruiting in College Hoops 2K8

In 2K8's Open Legacy mode, you may take over the school of your choosing; in Career Legacy, you can lead a small school to prominence. By recruiting successfully, your team will continuously be able to improve and grow into a cohesive unit. The game requires that you perform most of the recruiting functions yourself, so be sure to become familiar with the complex menus that are found in Legacy mode. In addition, check out the game guide that comes with College Hoops 2K8. This will help expedite your understanding of how to use recruiting to your benefit.

Basic Recruiting Strategy

Treat your recruiting points as if you only have a set amount of money to spend on a shopping trip—spend them wisely. Additionally, refrain from overextending your points on too many players. Know the players that you want to sign, and push hard to get them. If you invest a small amount of points on more players than you are capable of signing, it is unlikely that any of them will commit to your school. It is also important to consider whether or not the players you seek are coming out of high school or from a junior college. Generally, high school recruits are better skilled than their two-year college counterparts. For example, a four-star high school recruit will perform more effectively than a five-star junior college player. Lastly, be realistic with your expectations. You don't need to get the best player at every position. These players are the hardest to sign and will be highly coveted by other schools as well. The players that are third- or fourth-ranked at a given position will still make great players and be more likely to join your school.

Advanced Recruiting Strategy

According to the College Hoops 2K8 forum topic "recruiting is crazy" at, of the recruiting tools available, Charisma and Teaching are the two that recruits are most likely to respond to. Investing your points in these two disciplines will prove to be the most worthwhile. Additionally, be very mindful of your recruits' desires. If one of his goals is to play for a big school, and you are running a mid-major, you will have no chance to sign him. Finally, avoid the mistake of using all of your scholarships in one year; this will leave you with less for the next season. Go for quality over quantity, and that will leave you with more options for your team in the following year.