How to Make a Rose Out of Keyboard Letters

By Roxy Freeman

Updated September 22, 2017

The keys are in different places on American, European and UK keyboards.
i keyboard image by Fyerne from

It is possible to make different patterns and pictures with just your keyboard. You can make anything from a kitten to a cloud or a love heart. If you type the designs straight into an email or chat window, many of them will be sideways, but they are still quite effective. You can draw the art in any text editor such as Word, Notepad or TextEdit for Mac.

Open your text editing program. Change the font to Courier or Monaco. The art looks much better in a fixed width font, such as these.

Type an "@" followed by a ")". You now have the top of the rose. To make the stem type three dashes "---", followed by a single quotation mark to make the first leaf. Type two more dashes "--", and a comma for your second leaf ",". Your rose will look like this @)---'--,----. The rose looks much better in the programs mentioned above.

Highlight the rose and click the "CTRL" key. While you're holding down the key, click "C" to copy your rose. Go to your message, or wherever you want to put the rose. Click the "CTRL" key, hold it down, and click "V" to paste the rose into position.