Gymnastics Games for Girls

By Fiona Miller

Updated September 22, 2017

Play gymnastics games to have fun and build strength.
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Gymnastics games can be played by girls of almost any skill level. Free time in a gym means that children can hone their skills by playing fun and exciting gymnastics games. Keep your students active and their skills sharp with a game they'll enjoy playing together.


Gymnastics bars
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Add-On is a fun and simple game for gymnasts of all levels. Ask your students to get on a piece of equipment, such as the bars, trampoline or balance beam. One student will get on the equipment first and perform a move. The next student will repeat the move and then add another element. Following that student, another student will then perform the first two moves and then add another one. This can go on for an indefinite amount of time, testing the agility and skills of your students. This is a useful way to kill time in the gym.

Balance Beam

Play a balance beam game.
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Balance Beam is a game to play with young girls who haven't been introduced to more complicated gymnastics and are just learning to use the balance beam. Have the girls line up next to a balance beam that is close to the floor, and have them run across it one at a time. If a girl falls off the beam, she is "out." Keep the game going until there is just one student who has been able to go across the beam each time.

Gymnastic Relay Races

Cartwheels can be part of a gymnastics relay race.
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For the Gymnastic Relay Races game, you'll divide your class into two, three or four teams and make up a relay race. In order to complete the race, each student must perform a gymnastic skill (to satisfaction) before tagging the next player. The first team to perform all of their gymnastic skills satisfactorily will be declared the winners. For this game, watch the girls closely and assign them skills they should be working on. Be diligent about correcting their mistakes and not letting sloppy performances pass.

Handstand Challenge

Handstand challenge
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Handstand Challenge is a game for girls who are just learning how to do handstands. Ask your class to get into a handstand position and time them. The girl who is able to stay up the longest will be declared the winner. Use your timer to see exactly how long the girl with the "longest" handstand can stay up.