How to Use CPanel to Create a Website

By Jessica Broadmoor

Updated September 28, 2017

If you have a web-hosting account, you can create a website using Cpanel. There are two ways to do this. The first way is to upload website files that you have created with a separate program. The other way is to install a program that allows you to quickly create a website without much need for technical knowledge.

Uploading Files

Create your website files using Notepad or an HTML program. Save the files on your computer and remember where you saved them.

Log in to Cpanel. Use the information your hosting provider gave you to log in to your Cpanel account.

Access the main directory. Click on the icon that says “File Manager” and then select the “Document Root” folder for your domain. Next click on “"public_html”.

Upload your website files. You will see a split screen. One side represents your computer’s drive, the other side represents the Cpanel tool. Transfer your website HTML files from your computer to Cpanel by highlighting the files and clicking on the transfer arrow.

Test your website. To ensure that your files have been properly uploaded, type your web address in your browser window.

Installing Website Software

Log in to your Cpanel account.Scroll down to “Software and Services” and click on “Fantastico Deluxe”.

Decide on which software you want to use to create your website. Fantastico has many choices of website software categorized as either “Blogs” or “Content Management Systems”. If you click on each software selection you can see its features. Your choice will depend on what your needs are.

Make your software selection and click on it. Next click on “New Installation” to begin the installation process.

Follow the prompts to install the software. Usually you will just have to enter basic information such as the name of your site, your email address and a site password.

Wait for the installation to complete; the screen will prompt you when this is the case. You will also receive an email if you provided your email address.

Use the web software to create your website. Now that the software is installed, you can begin adding content to your website. The email you received after installation will provided details on how to log in to the administration panel so that you can begin to add content.


There have been security issues reported with using Fantastico Deluxe to install software. If you are concerned, you can install software manually. Or, you can see if your web-hosting provider allows you to use “Softaculous” instead of Fantastico Deluxe. It will be located in the same section as Fantastico.