Architectural Software for Kids

By Melody Hughes

Updated September 28, 2017

Kids can take building to the next level with an architectural software program.
i playing with blocks image by Renata Osinska from

Some children show an early interest in architectural design. If your child enjoys Mega Blocks or Legos and also likes to work on the computer, he will probably love an architectural software program designed for kids.


Kid Cad offers affordable architectural programs that allow kids to make 3D buildings, and also design the buildings' interiors. Children may also enjoy designing homes for fairy tale characters with Jr. Architect. Younger children may appreciate Bob the Builder Can-Do Zoo or Tonka Construction software.


Kid's architectural software allows children to create buildings and other structures. Some software programs allow students to create entire neighborhoods or virtual worlds. Kids may be able to add people and animals to their creations as well.


Check the software's recommended age range before making a purchase. Children will not enjoy the software if it is too advanced for them. Also, it may be wise to start with an easier program to get the child used to working with design software.