How to Allow Pop-ups in Google Chrome

by Bennett GavrishUpdated September 28, 2017
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Google Chrome is considered to be one of the fastest web browsers available. By default, Google Chrome will block all pop-up windows from opening in attempt to eliminate advertisements and improve your browsing experience. However, certain websites or web applications require a pop-up window, and in order to use them, you will have to manually disable the pop-up blocker in Chrome.

Launch the Google Chrome application on your PC or Mac computer.

Go to the "Tools" menu on a PC or the "Chrome" menu on a Mac and select "Preferences."

Go to the "Under the Hood" tab at the top of the window.

Click on the "Content Settings" button under the "Privacy" section.

Go to the "Pop-ups" tab.

Choose the radio button next to "Allow all sites to show pop-ups."

Hit "Close" to save the settings. Google Chrome will now open all website pop-up windows.


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