How to Print a One Inch Photo

by Kathryn Hatter ; Updated September 22, 2017

Printing digital photos from your computer has become commonplace with the widespread use of digital cameras, graphics-editing software and color printers. Photo editing capabilities allow you to print a wide variety of photos for personal and professional use. If you wish to print a one-inch photo, determine the resolution you want for your photo using your graphics program and then print it.

Open the graphics-editing software and open the digital photograph in the software (“File,” “Open” and browse to the location where you store images on your computer).

Edit the image for printing as necessary. If you wish to crop the photo before printing, select the crop tool in your software and use the tool to draw a border around the portion of the photo you wish to use. Click your mouse to execute the crop.

Resize the pixels and set the resolution for printing. To print a one-inch photo at 200 dots per inch (DPI), set the image width and height to 200 pixels and the resolution to 200 DPI. To print a one-inch photo at 300 DPI, set the image width and height to 300 pixels and the resolution to 300 DPI.

Load the photo paper you wish to print with into the printer. Click “File” and then “Print” to print the image.

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