How to Adjust the Screen Size on a Mitsubishi Projection TV

By Darrin Meyer

Updated September 28, 2017

Adjust the picture until it appears to your liking.
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Mitsubishi manufactures a wide variety of products, and among those are various lines of high performance televisions. Mitsubishi uses the top technologies available, and with rear-projection TVs that has meant moving from the formerly-popular cathode ray tubes (CRT) to the more-advanced digital light processing (DLP). With the different video sources that can be connected to a TV and the varying picture quality and aspect ratio of those sources, the picture on the TV can appear differently at times. When this happens, Mitsubishi provides a feature allowing you to change the size of the picture to adjust it to your liking.

Turn on your Mitsubishi rear-projection TV. Press the "Input" button on the remote control to select a particular video source, such as the cable/satellite set-top receiver box/DVR or DVD player.

Press the "Format" button on either the remote control or the front panel of the unit to adjust the picture size. Choices include "Standard", "Stretch", "Expand", and (with CRT models) "HD expand." Keep pressing until you find the optimal picture setting for that source. The last setting you choose will be saved and the picture will be displayed in that manner the next time you view that source.

Repeat the process when viewing a different source input, if necessary. Different sources, channels and programs may call for a different setting, depending on the resolution (HD or SD) and aspect ratio of that source or program.


With a DVD player, you may choose to change the picture setting often, as the level of letterboxing (black bars at the top and bottom of the screen) will vary with different widescreen movies.

Your cable or satellite set-top receiver box may have its own settings for aspect ratio and picture resolution which will affect the picture size; set those first to avoid having to change the setting on the TV as often.